Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top 5 List of Best Lists

When you work an eight hour day, I am learning, generally, you have about four hours of work to actually complete.
I am sure this is not the case everywhere, but here, it is.
So part of my job is coming up with things to do in between my work.

I make lists.

Here is my "Top 5 List of Lists I Have Made":

1. All of my new passwords, user IDs, account numbers, etc. (There are A LOT).

2. Cool new songs I hear on Pandora Radio (http://www.pandora.com)

3. People/organizations to which I owe money (There are A LOT. Even more than my number of passwords)

4. Questions I have for people around here (There are A LOT. Somewhere between the amount of people that want my money and the number of new passwords I have).

5. Other jobs I want

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