Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Renaissance Woman

In line with my re-birth as an independent woman who kicks ass, and freshly inspired by a conversation with an old friend who is dedicating this time of his life to making himself more kickass, I am going to try to do something new every day.
I think this can only make me a better person, and will help me to only worry about myself, rather than focusing on the failures and messes behind me.

This "something new" can be something I create, or eat, or perform, or investigate, or try, or read... anything. It is a life-long exploration of the "Kickin' it" philosophy, which I am reclaiming as my own.

Today I created this:

It's an inspiration board for an online contest sponsored by the effervescent Coco+Kelley .

Go make one- these inspiration boards are more inspiring than I'd have thought...

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