Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expensive Ways to Stay Distracted

I have some news.

I have actually been BUSY at work. I got the nerve to ask for more stuff to do, and they said, "Yup. Here's a ton of stuff."
It's better for my sanity to delete tab stops out of training documents all day than it is to stalk people on Facebook. Who would have thought? Huh.

Other news:

1. The Redhead and I do MusicFestNW, success ensued.

a. If you have not seen Ratatat live, your life is not as rad or sweaty as it could be.

b. When a man in an ice cream truck gives you a free ice cream sandwich before you see the band Battles, eat it. Num num num.

c. If you're going to see The Blakes
i. Don't get there late or you'll miss your favorite song.
ii. Don't expect the lead singer to have a sweat gland deficiency. He doesn't. He will shake your hand and you will wish he hadn't.

d. Minor failing: If you are trying to go to TV on the Radio with The Redhead, you should make sure that the guy she recently made out with and her long-time-lovaaah are not also planning on going. This will make you miss the show in an effort to avoid them both.

2. I got to go exploring on Saturday in SE Portland at the Stars and Splendid antique mall. They were having a delightful sale and I acquired a lot of fun old pieces that gleam of quirk and charm.
They'll be new again soon, when I infuse a little of me into them. And then Ima sell 'em. Becaaaaause....

3. I definitely got a new car. Her name is Dixie, and we've been bonding. She must have recently been cast off by someone who maybe didn't love her like she loved, or maybe she's a sassy bitch who left of her own accord, so either way, we're getting to know each other. Dixie's interests: keeping her nose clean, gold, zipping, loud music, knowing all the names of all the songs on the radio, letting people put things in her big-ass trunk.

4. The Dance Fighter and I had lunch.. I think we thought if we both ate enough Mexican food we could drown ourselves in a sorrowful black bean catastrophe and not have to stick around for the depressing dessert course that is the next phase of our lives (who likes Mexican dessert anyway? Fried ice cream is the shittiest excuse for a dessert ever). Basically, I'm not the only one having trouble with the men-folk these days. (Yes, I named you. It's perfect because you're such a fighter, and you've got this gleeful dancing spirit to you... that is also sometimes expressed in the artful form of Dance Fighting).

Recent New Things for the Day include:
- Playing in a co-ed softball league double-header game on Friday.

- Seeing The Blakes, Ratatat, Menomena, Battles, The Mommyheads, Langhorne Slim, and Fleet Foxes (I actually may have seen FF at Sasquatch this past year... but I was so full of bad gyro, good love, and great company that I may have been distracted. Also, booze).

-What else do you want from me? I bought my first car!

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