Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've got the vision- Now let's have some fun

The apartment is ours.

I got the news last Friday. The combination of this, my latte, and no food all day, plus the decision to go see Tiesto on December 17th had me shaking like a small dog in the bath.

I have done a good amount of new things recently. That new Jim Carrey movie is coming out, and I feel like that character and I will have a lot in common with the experience of learning to say "Yes" to new experiences.

Thursday: I met up with an old friend at Bay 13 in the Pearl, and I actually ate a meal of sushi. Yellowtail, Ahi, and eel in all their slippery, chewy goodness. I really like when you meet up with an old friend, and part of your conversation really affirms why you became friends in the first place- in this case, it was a lively discussion about our aversion to ending sentences with a preposition, and the awkward pauses we take to correct ourselves.

Friday: I was approved for my first apartment in the big city! I also got (unfairly) chased out of a restaurant (Montage) at 2:00 AM and swore at the waitress. This was not my finest moment, made even less cool by the fact that we had to wait for a cab for 15 minutes under the Morrison Bridge after being escorted out forcefully. RIP best macaroni and cheese in the city... I don't believe I will be welcome there again.

Saturday: I painted the bonus room for my mother. It's a lovely shade of blue-green and not only did I paint the wall, but I cleaned up after myself, too.
I also managed to make it to Dixie in Portland, for the second time in a weekend, which is a new thing, but not one of which I'm necessarily proud. Yikes.

Sunday: I finally started watching Arrested Development. The Dance Fighter has been hounding me to do this for about a year now, and I guess I never felt like I had the time. But I have it now, and wow, have I wasted a LOT of it on the Bluth family. I may or may not have watched 11 episodes on Sunday, alone. Stop judging me.

Monday: For the first time since I can remember, I went to bed before 10:30 without the excuse of being sick, having to wake up really early, or being drunk and passing out.

In addition to the things mentioned above, I have a newfound appreciation for the following:
- Honeycrisp apples. For a girl who has never loved apples, these things are freakin' gold.

- Parking in the garage. How did I ever live in a world where I parked on the street? I have pilfered my mother's garage door opener, since she was out of town last week, and I don't think I'm going to give it back.

-MGMT. Listen. Listen. Listen.

"Yeah, this is our decision to live fast and die young/ We've got the vision- now let's have some fun. Yeah it's overwhelming but what else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?"

I understand the meaning of "living for the weekends" these days.

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