Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winning Them Over at Work

If you know me, you know winning is kind of important to me.

I have been trying to win at work in a few ways recently, and I have been met with mixed success.

The first thing I've been trying to win at is being sneaky enough to check Facebook, Gmail, this blog, my friends' blogs, wedding planning sites, Pandora,, blogs of random people, YouTube, Wikipedia, CNN, Craig's List, and Google Image Searches of things I want to look at (lately: peonies, room decor inspiration, America's Next Top Model Cycle 11) WITHOUT getting caught by my manager Alan.
Alan is a quiet walker, and often times I don't notice him in my personal space if my headphones are on until he is literally dropping a document in front of my face. This has happened and it is slightly embarassing. Especially because the first time, I was taking an IQ test. Lately though, I've been kicking ass at this game (although I'm sure the joke will eventually be on me, and someone in the basement is monitoring my every key stroke, and is probably wondering why I REALLY NEEDED to look up that CNN link on People Mag's 2008 Sexiest Man Alive (Hugh Jackman, in case you were wondering) and I am going to lose my job).

Another thing I've been trying to beat is the actual software application my company has built. See, from the beginning, we've been mortal enemies, and it never wants me to succeed, so I've honestly spent the last few days trying to use it to withdraw someone's account and process the batch job successfully, so that the account status turns to withdrawn and- oh. Oh, no. I am NOT going to start talking about work like that! Job-1, Me- 0. You win this time...

The most important thing I've been trying to win here at the office is everyone else's affection.
I hate being The New Kid, and I hate being a drag on everyone's time when they have to train me and answer questions. So it is important to me to at least reward them with good company, and muffins every once in a while. That, paired with a few extra smiles, corny jokes, "thank yous", and doing their grunt work, I think they finally like me.
It's a win-win situation.

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