Friday, April 10, 2009

Rising on the wings of a Seaplane

I am proud to announce that Seaplane, a boutique that embodies "fashion with a vision of clothing as art" will be carrying MY jewelry line, Cellar Door 24!

The shop is located on NW 23rd in Portland, and has a great array of lovely items for sale, including TOMS shoes, one of a kind dresses and knits, fun hats, denim, and other jewelry. They are also proponents of supporting local designers, as well as sustainable and socially conscious design. I am really excited to work with them.

Please swing by and support them if you're in the area, and look for my beloved goodies in a few weeks' time.

Even though the Spring is destroying my sinuses and rendering me a useless sneezing mess, it certainly is a time for new beginnings!


  1. I would like to an option to vote on several things: I think you should be a jewelry designer and event planner while being an undercover FBI agent. It's the perfect cover... no one would ever guess that you were in the FBI. You could kick ass and be creative all at the same time.

  2. I second Tiffany's notion.