Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Whole New World

Just as the introduction of alcohol into my life brought about the realization that all previously enjoyed activities are made into new activities when combined with booze, a similar epiphany occurred today regarding the sun.

It was the first, sunny, warm day of the year here in Portland, Oregon.
We don't know when the next bout will be, so we take what we can get.

The trendy shopping district around my neighborhood was bustling yesterday, which I explored thoroughly with my mother, and slightly less so today. I know this, because I went again with the Little Roomie and Daisy (her name is not Daisy, but her excitable-and-thus-frequently-surprise-peeing dog is named Daisy. She is also darling, and I love her. The dog is cute, too). I didn't buy anything, thank you very much.

We spent the rest of our day doing this:

May I recommend croquet to all as a way to pass the time?

Washington Park is also a beautiful place to play, with a great set of see-saws, and swings.

I sat on a swing today for the first time in...years?... and re-learned how to pump.
Little Roomie and I marveled at this: how a simple and distinct pair of movements can propel you into motion.
"Physics, bitches," Daisy reminded us.

So I sat, and from stillness, worked my self into a graceful swinging arc.

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  1. it was such a pretty day! i was sad to have to leave - I wanted to play in the sun too