Monday, January 25, 2010

Into IT II

I finished one of Oprah's favorite books this weekend (you know, a female coming-of-age story involving the golden triad of weight, sexual assault, parental relationship issues, and the triumphant conquering of all three):
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb

A few humble notes:
1. How is this not a movie? Or, more to the point, why hasn't Oprah made this a movie?
2. The characters are rich, unlikeable, and real. Though I didn't love the story (or the telling) considerably, I have a feeling the characters will sneak up on me in the coming weeks.
3. It was long.

If you haven't read it, I would recommend a lot of other books before this one. Maybe if you were at the beach, alone all weekend... with a broken tv set. And there wasn't a dictionary or gossip magazines from four summers past to paw through.

I'm also still obsessed with this watch that Ba talked me into buying in LA in October:

This is the Michael Kors Oversized Runway watch in gold.

If you want to see how giant it actually is, check it out on Carmen Kass (shown in silver):

I am actually seeing these timepieces on women of all ages, in all different styles, all over the place. I think it's because they're really affordable for a clean, gorgeous piece, and they are an unfailing conversation starter for me at work, at bars, and wherever else I happen to be (mainly those two places, it seems).

Also- about six months late on this one, but despite my recent acquisition of Shazam, I only recently found out what this song from the "500 Days of Summer" trailer is, thanks to my favorite Platonic Boyfriend.
Temper Trap >> "Sweet Disposition"

And finally, as a homepage kind of person at work (Pros: easy headlines, good mix of international and domestic news Cons: Stupid videos, Too many videos, Headlines about Speidi and the Gosselins) I only recently came to understand that the re-vamped look is due to HUGE. This agency is doing some solid work for really cool clients, including Amnesty International,, Adult Swim, Ikea, and JetBlue - they also just inked a deal with Target. I really like their clean aesthetic.

And, just for good measure- welcome to my favorite part about Sundays:

Photo: Lacey Terrell/HBO


  1. I am so sad that we have to wait for new episodes now. I wish we had a whole season waiting for us to watch in one long 15 hour stretch (left some extra time for food breaks of course).

    Love Chloƫ Sevigny.

  2. i don't know much about watches or web design, but She Comes Undone is one of the very few books i have ever read from cover to cover in a single sitting. gripping in a tragic, 'look-at-this-train-wreck-of-a-not-entirely-fictional-character' kind of way, i guess. #2 is a wise prediction; i haven't been back to the book since i read it almost ten years ago, but I can remember some scenes all too vividly. i can't blame you for not particularly enjoying it; it's not really light reading. keep your chin up!

  3. I find myself thinking of Dolores Price often, Angrew, so maybe there was something in her I liked, after all.

    Or maybe I'm just hungrier lately and want to sit down with her and share a bag of Cheetohs. Thanks for the words of encouragement!