Monday, February 15, 2010

At 13 the only mag I was reading was Cosmo...

...and that was just for the quizzes.

May I introduce to you, if you aren't yet privy to her musings on fashion, style, and icons, Miss Tavi Gevinson.

(Photo Credits: Tavi herself)

Newsflash: girlfriend is 13.
She has one of the most buzzed-about blogs STYLE ROOKIE in NY Fashion circles and is sitting in primo seats at all the fun shit going on in NYC this week (which, if you didn't know, is fashion week).

I am totally impressed by her sense of humor, her discerning eye, her articulate compositions, and her total bravery.

Seriously, when I was 13 I was definitely tearing pages out of magazines and plastering them on my bedroom wall, but they were of mostly naked male models, not of Rodarte designs, McQueen inspirations, and Lanvin runway shows. I also only wore Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren Polo brand items of clothing so I would be cool, obviously, with the occasional Paul Frank tee thrown in there if I felt like being alternative that day.

It gets a little demoralizing, though, when you start looking up to people who are ten years your junior, but for this spritely being, I'll cope.

Tavi, I'm yours.

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