Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Could Afford These Clothes...

...I just don't want them, that's all. (Pssssssssssssssssssshhhhh yeaaaahhhh).

Spring fashion week in NYC is underway with the usual mix of new and established houses touting their Fall 2010 Ready to Wear lines.

(My lucky girl Ba is there, gallivanting with Tim Gunn and sharing tents with Anna Wintour's icy bob- hope you're having fun while I sit here in my cube, love).

Some things I am seeing (not with my own eyes, but via the ever living-vicariously-friendly Style.com

(All photos from Style.com by Marcio Madeira)

Adam Lippes Fall 2010 RTW collection makes me want to burn everything in my closet and wear only his line during autumn months. Lots of warm textures, cognac leather accents, slouchy layers (in both clothing and accessories), and refreshingly earthy palette with metallic pops.

Tracy Reese
Loving the hair on these models! Lots of untamed wave in a big side pony.

Noticing lots of platformed, close-toed, nude heels (this particularly from Victoria Beckham):

And, since apparently it's best to leave the serious fashion-blogging up to tweens now, I will willingly admit I don't really know what I'm talking about but here are more pictures of stuff I like and will have to patiently wait to see trickle down into affordable bastardizations at chain department stores.

Erin Fetherston:

Diane Von Furstenberg:

Devi Kroell:

I NEED that hat. For what? For... um, romantic Siberian adventures, duh. And running to the grocery store when I'm out of red wine and Cheez-Its.

I also have decided that I have to be a LOT more careful about the clothes I give away in the future, because if I still had all the stuff that used to be in my dress up box (grandma's shawls and tiny clutches, mom's skirts from the late 70's, patent leather pumps, amazing costume jewelry...) I used to torture my brother by dressing him in such things, so if I find those pictures, I'll be sure to share so we can look at what my wardrobe Could Have Been.

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  1. I won't pretend to know a thing about fashion, but normally runway shows are so out there that I can't really relate to actually wanting to wear the pieces. I feel like this year's lines are totally relatable and wearable. They seem very classic.