Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mostly Healthy March

I figured a follow-up on my health kick would be appropriate, for the sake of personal posterity.

And speaking of personal posteriors, mine truly did benefit from Healthy February.

I was pretty disciplined:

- I drank no coffee for the whole month! I have since, slowly, allowed myself back on the caffeine train, mostly because it is the one thing I look forward to in my work day. THE ONE. THING.

- I made sure to exercise 3-4 times a week. I am currently operating on a 2-3 times a week basis in March, but with the weather improving, am doing more outdoorsy things, like, playing tennis with The Redhead for a few hours on Saturday (it still counts as exercise if you're drinking vodka Slurpees right? Whatever. Sounds about right for "Mostly Healthy" March).

- I never got enough sleep. Still don't.

- I was much better about drinking lots of water. Still am!

- I refrained from drinking for (most) of the whole month. Even socially, and no wine with dinner. Except, I quit a weekend early. 3 1/2 weeks was the longest I'd gone without drinking since before college, I believe, so, that was totally overdue.

- I actually lost about 6 pounds. So, all in all: worth it. The most lasting effect, I believe, is the craving my body has for exercise when I don't get enough. Or, relearning how to eat smaller portions of healthier food.

That being said, tonight is another eating competition for people from work. I'm not sure I ever told You Guys this, but I was in one of these in November. The contest was who could finish the 2 LB cheeseburger (6 patties in all) at the Old Market Pub and Brewery. This is what it looked like, before it got owned:

I was the only girl to finish. But three big men went on to win, as they each ordered an extra patty.

The sad part? Not the most full I had ever been. Thanks, college.

The contest tonight is who can eat the most hot-wings in 10 minutes. Tempting as it sounds (I could totally kill it), I think it would be best to continue in the vein of being mostly-healthy, and I will simply be a spectator.

Don't look now...but, I think our little girl is growing up.

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