Monday, March 22, 2010

"Stuff White People Like"

AKA, "Stuff I Like".

What started as a blog back in 2008 by a guy named Christian Lander and his friend has now evolved into a book, speaking tours, and most awesomely, a 365-day desk calendar that my favorite Platonic Boyfriend got me for Christmas.

If you aren't familiar, it's a satirical take on what your typical affluent, educated, left-leaning, environmentally and socially conscious white North Americans are into. Examples include: Asian Girls, Being Offended, Taking a Year Off, Wes Anderson films, Farmer's Markets, etc.

So every day at work I get to learn about something I typically already know about myself (i.e. "Girls With Bangs" or, "Locally Roasted Coffee" as I set my cup down and brush my bangs out of my eyes in a defensive huff) and then I always email it to the Platonic Bf. This is a nice little ritual we have and is a good excuse to look like I'm typing something important every morning when I get in.

This weekend I couldn't help but realize just how WHITE I am. It started to dawn on me Saturday morning, as I squinted past all the strollers at the Portland Farmer's Market, holding, again, my locally roasted coffee, having just left brunch at a trendy spot with a line out the door on the East side; having eaten at a really new trendy spot the night before ("shared small plates"at a place that butchers their own meat) and planning the rest of the afternoon around a trip to the driving range, so I could spend some time in the great outdoors.

There are like, six things in there I should be embarrassed about. But, I am deciding to embrace it and share with you all that places I went and dined at so you too, can eat at them, and who knows, shake things up with a little diversity

Dinner at Olympic Provisions - 107 SE Washington St.Portland, OR 97214

Small, but unique, beer selection, large bottled wine selection; lively but intimate atmosphere; reasonable menu of diverse game and meats...until you are told by the server that they are "small plates, meant to be shared. For a group of this size (6) you could probably order the whole menu." She left, and we rolled our eyes, since each dish ran around $12. I ordered the roasted carrots ($5) which were delicious, of course, and sampled the braised rabbit leg, as well as the brussel sprouts, kielbasa, and some polenta.

Brunch at Pine State Biscuits - 3640 Southeast Belmont StreetPortland, OR 97214

For $8-$10 you can get a great breakfast sandwich involving some combination of fried chicken, cheese, gravy, bacon, eggs, pork, sausage, more cheese, and apple butter. They serve Stumptown coffee, and the side of hashbrowns looked like a nice addition. There's very little seating indoors, and depending on what time you go, there is a line out the door, but if the weather's nice, it's a pleasant wait, and the line moves quickly (10-15 minutes or less, I'd say). You can also order the food to go.

The Portland Farmers' Market - Portland Park Blocks

On the first day of spring there were babies and puppies EVERYWHERE. If this freaks you out, best go to Whole Foods instead. But if you are okay with small things that frolic or are carried in marsupial pouches by fresh-faced owners (parents?) then you should check out the lovely produce, gorgeous bursts of cut flowers, and edible delectables here. The people-watching is pretty top-notch, too.

(Photo credits are from each of the venue's respective websites).

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