Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Challenge: Do it for someone else!

How did everyone's challenges go last week?
Did you take good care of yourself?

Did you "see what love can do and dare"?

I did: a very close family friend, and one of the single most lovely people on this good earth, is battling her Nth bout with cancer. It just keeps coming back, and she keeps beating it...but of course it is frustrating, exhausting, and spirit-crushing.

We're part of a small-group that's doing a Bible study, and the love and support of this group has been pouring out steadily. In a society that is self-centered, often shallow, and obsessed with meaningless pursuits (not to mention how this appears daily in my own life) it is very moving and humbling to witness friends take such good care of each other. Love is binding, healing, and hopeful.

This week's challenge #3, then, is to do something small for someone else.

Buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee; write a small note to a co-worker or someone you see everyday but typically take for granted; leave a bigger tip than usual; pick up a little gift for a loved one (their favorite magazine, candy bar, a 6-pack of a good microbrew).

I think we all do nice things for people most days of the week, but I want to be intentional about it this week.

Examples of notes you can leave:

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