Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenge: Do it for yourself!

I think it would be fun to challenge us all to something new every week.

Trying something new every day for a while helped to get me through some difficult times, but I eventually got to a place where I didn't need the distraction, and some of the new things I did generated so many other projects, time commitments, and engagements that I didn't need to focus on it anymore.

It's still important to be goal-oriented, though.

We'll start easy.

Challenge #1: Do something for yourself this week!

Watch that baseball game even if the dishes are dirty.
Get a massage.
Bring treats to the office and have one yourself.
Let yourself read a trashy magazine instead of a brain-stimulating non-fiction textbook for twenty minutes.

I bought myself flowers for $3.99 at Trader Joe's and they will brighten my whole week.

Challenge #2: "See what love can do and dare"
Okay, I know there are two here, but I figured we could start out with a bang. Plus, this is a good one to do always.

The challenge actually comes from a hymn we sang in church this week on Easter Sunday.
The accompanying music is from Beethoven's 9th Symphony, "Ode to Joy" and it really resonated with me. Regardless of our beliefs or reason for our own odes to joy, I think it's a beautiful mantra for one's week:
"Christ is risen! Raise your spirits
From the caverns of despair/
Walk with gladness in the morning/
See what love can do and dare."

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