Monday, April 12, 2010

My Weekend in Comestibles, Pt. II

Healthy February is officially dead to me.

Now in the middle of April, I have reverted to my gobbling and guzzling habits, leaving no strip of bacon, and no glass of Malbec, untouched.

The Redhead and I have taken up tennis (stop laughing) basically in direct reponse to our other new commitment: visit a new brunch place each Saturday.

Last weekend, we ate at Everett St. Bistro in the Pearl District.
1140 NW Everett Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
p 503.467.4990

(Image from VJ_PDX on Flickr)
I had heard wonderful things from friends about this French-style bistro, who serves Stumptown Coffee, and at which you can buy freshly crusty baguettes and assorted cheeses, but I wasn't sure it would be a conducive environment for a lazy morning in no rush to get to the bill.

I was so wrong.

The Redhead and I ordered Joe’s Special (spinach and sauteed garlic scrambled eggs and topped with shaved parmesan) and then some delicious sea salt and olive-oil waffle treat topped in bacon crumbles. We eat, and swap half way through the meal.

This weekend, we tried Junior's Cafe. It doesn't appear to have a website, but it does have a new chef.

(Image by Andrea McCorckle on Flickr)

1742 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97214
p. 503.467.4971

We sat outside, at one of two rickety tables, and it was honestly a little too cold to do so, but the hot coffee kept coming. The Redhead ordered the sweet ("Yummy French Toast" topped with "organic banana" (plus) and some yogurt I could have done without (minus)); I got the savory (a spinach/pesto/roasted red pepper scramble with some seasoned taters and wheat toast slathered in butter).

The other thing I've been busy digesting (other than Mexican food, which I honestly managed to eat for no less than SEVEN meals last week somehow?) is Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.

It is approximately 500 pages covering the birth of the universe and, I am assuming, bringing us to the time of the book's publication (2003). Not a particularly science-minded girl, this presented itself as a scary challenge to me. The good news? Bryson himself is not science-minded, so the book reads basically as a Cosmology for Dummies.

I borrowed it from a friend, thus am not at liberty to loan it out when finished, but if you have a gap in your reading schedule, I would recommend buying it on Amazon, or finding it at the library (remember those things?).

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