Monday, May 24, 2010

IDEA: AccountTable

I have decided I need a hotline from my house to a Hollywood studio exec's office.
I keep coming up with television show ideas and I don't know how or where to pitch them. Here's my latest one, though:

There is a large segment in the consumer market that is insulted by poorly executed media. You wouldn't know it by numbers, necessarily, since Transformers II: Revenge of Megan Fox's Freak Thumbs still blew up at the box office, but there are a lot of smart people in this country who are basically insulted by pandering advertisements, ridiculously unintelligent filmmaking, and jaw-droppingly stupid tv.

My solution would be a television show that functions as an accountability check for these abominations of entertainment. The Soup, Chelsea Lately, SNL's Weekend Update and various other snarky commentary shows do a decent job of getting in jabs where they can at poor executive decison making and worthless media trashdumps, but my show would focus on it exclusively.

The set up would be similar to much British television, wherein you have a quick-witted and knowledgeable host, backed by a panel that changes with each episode. The panel can be celebrity studded or composed of industry experts or executives, or more likely a mix, and each week 3-4 media events would be selected for discussion.

The show would then play the advertisement in question, or a clip of a television series that debuted that week, or whatever the media item is, and then the panel would have a chance to dissect and discuss the merits, or more likely, flaws, in the item. At this point, and here's where the show gets good, the writer or producer (or whomever was responsible for the media item in question) would be a guest on the show, where they'd have a chance to publicly defend their piece. I imagine some good-natured banter, an executive eventually hanging his head in shame with a sheepish smile of defeat, and promising to do better next time.

The writer or producer or director or whomever in the hot seat would get publicity (no such thing as bad press, right?) and a chance to articulate their creative process in arriving at the final crappy product, maybe even showing us that due to budget limitations or this and that, their options were limited, so we might be more understanding that they tried to shove such junk down our tubes.

The show would end each week by spotlighting a delightfully smart or appropriate ad campagin that debuted that week, or a film that came out that was well done, or a creatively clever marketing strategy that launched.

The purpose of all this would be to hold people accountable for the material they produce. It would also continue the trend of transparency, especially in corporate settings, and increase accessibility to the public. It would hopefully start a new era in which we expect more from this country's creatives, and are delivered content that challenges, inspires, and connects with us.

AccountTable is a working title, alluding to accounts in advertising and media, and the sort of round-table discussions that hopefully ensue.

SO who has a rich uncle in LA I can talk to?
What would your suggestions be to make this a functioning and entertaining program?
Would you watch it?


  1. I kind of love it. Bad media angers me - like, "I want to punch them in the face" angry!

  2. Got a couple hundred thou you want to put towards the show, Steven? Let's go into business!