Monday, July 19, 2010

{ nothing gold can stay }

Late August: golden tall grass, golden wheat beers, golden days. And a golden birthday for yours truly, turning 24 on the 24th!

I know, technically, it's tacky to throw yourself a birthday party, so let's make it less about that and more about the end of the summer.

You're invited...

It's really just another excuse to plan and host an event with good food, good friends, and the potential for some good stories.

Plus, last time I had a birthday party on the 12 acres of land my family owns in a nearby suburb, it was for my Sweet 16. It was going to be the coolest party ever, except, at the last minute, the co-ed campout part got canceled ...and probably rightfully so. About 30 of us entertained ourselves for the evening playing Sardines in the field, eating cheeseburgers, exploring my grandpa's shedful of dangerous farming contraptions and wielding them like medieval weapons, sitting around a charcoal-briquette campfire (there was a summer ban on bonfires within city limits due to lack of rain), and suffering numerous injuries (two twisted ankles and a car accident for a friend who swerved to avoid a deer on the way to the party).

It's birthday party redemption time.


  1. I will be there in spirit... but the physical portion of me will be jealous!

  2. I remember that party! I believe that I was one of the twisted ankles. Ahh memories....x