Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tasty n Sun

The Redhead (whom will be renamed, henceforth as "Gingerlocks" because of a recent series of amusing adventures in which she usurped the clothing, bed, dog, and bicycle of a friend over the course of a few days... and then promptly destroyed the bicycle in what I can only imagine was in incident involving a cigarette and/or her mane of hair getting stuck in the spokes) and I have been busy brunching.

She's been terribly swamped with work, and I have been busy with... making myself busy, I guess, that we have had less time during the week to hang out, and thus our weekend brunch escapades have become mandatory, and then stretch far into the afternoon while we fill one another in on every minute detail of our weeks the other may have missed.

An example:
"I had a ridiculous dream Tuesday night. Basically, we were at Ron Tom's
out on the patio, but, everything was underwater. And I was wearing your long
gray dress and you were wearing that thing with the-"
"Oh the shorts. The black one."
"Yes. Same brain. And, we were sitting
there, and I was smoking, duh, and you were talking to me, but Scott was beside
you, and he was like, wearing glasses...AND he was speaking French? I dunno. But
it was WEIRD because behind us, was like, this field. And everyone was playing
kickball. That's all. I just wanted to tell you."
"Wow. That is hilarious. Oh, ps. did I tell you about
"No! But I saw on Facebook that she went to the doctor? Everything cool?"
"Yeah, she's getting x-rays this week, and I guess her sister got a new job,
so that's good news. Oh, speaking of jobs, how's your cousin's boyfriend? Is
that going well for him?"
"Oh GODDD I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! So, last week..."

And so on.

Sometimes I feel bad for the people sitting around us...but mostly, I could care less, because it is my favorite time of the week.

Our new high ranking delicious spot for a food-fest is Tasty n' Sons. It's on NE Williams, and usually has a very long line in the mornings because everyone wants to come try the tapas-style breakfast the city has been raving about. I suggest going around 1 PM, like we did, if you want to beat the wait and have incredible service, like we did.

We had iced coffees, two bambino platters (biscuit, egg, bacon), the maple glazed yams, and a sweet biscuit plate with Oregon blueberries and creme fraiche... all for only $24!

The Portland weather has been very conducive to brunching and gallivanting around town on the weekends.

But sometimes, we don't make it out of the 'burbs and eat at this little local place called The Village Inn, owned and run by a guy we knew in high school. Our server Connie knows Gingerlocks' special off-the-menu order, and Todd the bus boy likes to check on us incessantly.

If anyone has any Portland Brunch recommendations, by all means, send them my way


  1. Attention: This post contains a violation of a personal peeve, to whit: "...I could care less."
    No explanation needed.


  2. Well, we're even, then since I think it's "to wit" (with no "h").