Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yeah, I Showered...Once. In May.

With all of my hype about this being my summer of wedding zaniness, I haven't backed it up (PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN).

I think this is because the tedium of spending 18 minutes locating your USB cord, plugging in your digital camera to your (inevitably dead) computer, realizing that maybe it's the camera battery that's dead, waiting for iPhoto to load, etc etc etccccc is eye-gougingly lame. When are they going to come out with digital cameras that upload to your iPhoto automatically and wirelessly? (HEY STEVE JOBS, HIRE ME PLZ. THX.) But, somehow, despite all that, I managed to finally upload some pictures of the bridal shower I threw for my dear freshman year college roommate, whom I am not sure has a blogonym on here or not, but will heretofore be referred to as Roommate, Esq. (She just graduated from law school).

Months and months ago, while I was, shockingly!, bored at work, I created this little inspiration board for her shower:

Of course, given the day of May 22nd's totally unpredictable precipitation record, I would have loved to host the event outside (as depicted in the greenery and freshness of the inspiration board) but had to compromise by holding it inside with a ton of flower arrangements.

I forgot to take pictures at the start, so in these the food is mostly gone (a good sign?) but it's the general idea:

I collected old Mason jars for a few weeks beforehand, and did the floral arrangements myself after ordering specific blooms from the local florist.

Roommate, Esq.'s other bridesmaid brought some adorably delectable cupcakes down from Seattle with her, as well as plenty of champagne for the 10 attendees. We only played 2 (tasteful) shower games, and had an excess of food and drink, so I think all in all it was a success.

Tips for myself, for next time:
1. Don't have so much food that needs to be prepared that morning. I tried to space it out over a few days, but, with prosciutto wrapped melon; fingerling potatoes with sour cream, sausage, and chives; a fresh fruit punch; mini cornmeal muffins best served hot ... it was a lot to prepare by 2:00 PM with picking up flowers and arranging them that morning and remembering to shower and get ready on time.

2. Include directions, not just the address in the invitations.

3. Be aware of what flowers are available at different times of year- I was making some rather expensive requests of the florist, who had to set me straight, as the types I was requesting were running around $10/stem in May. He educated me a little and found me some lovely, less expensive, alternatives.


  1. Hey lady, I think there are digital cameras that upload directly to facebook and other applications.

    Anyway, I like your flowers :)