Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Coming Out Party

First thing's first: I have arrived in New York City.

I came to the conclusion tonight that writing about New York is probably one of the more daunting tasks one can undertake. It has just been done, and done, and DONE by so many authors, screenwriters, playwrights, poets, graffiti-artists, graphic designers, copyrighters, et al that I wonder whether there is really anything left to be said.

But places are always changing, and the permutations of people at any one place at a given time are infinite, and so I suppose the experiences are also infinite - just as they are in any other city.

I am staying with Lu on E 53rd St, between 2nd and 3rd Ave. This meant nothing to me yesterday, and already it makes a lot more sense.

This morning, we wandered around SoHo (which means "South of Houston", which is a street that runs East/West and is pronounced, "house-tin", I was graciously reminded in a text from the Dancefighter) for a few hours, mostly window shopping and allowing me to get my bearings. We ate brunch at a little place called Boom, which was reasonable and tasty, and then walked to the Trader Joe's in Union Square, on E 14th. From there, we took the subway back up to her apartment, where we promptly collapsed on the couch and watched two episodes of Mad Men.
This was my big debut in the city. Watch out, world. I am here, I am fierce, and I am wearing sweatpants.

From my absence here, you can probably surmise that the last few weeks have been brutally busy and I have been running around like Usain Bolt on crack.

The first week of unemployment was spent prepping for the end of summer bash I hosted. 12 acres, 120 hamburgers, 40 hot dogs, 18 Garden Burgers, 4 kegs of Natural Light (only the finest for my guests), 100 lbs of ice, 6 folding tables, one pop up canopy, two strands of Christmas lights, a stereo, and 500 ft of acquired extension cords later, I had myself a party.

Around 60-70 of my most beloved ones showed up to celebrate and send me off into the great big world, which was a joyful and humbling gift. I appreciated the presence of each guest, and my killer friends who were kind enough to provide the entertainment-
Goodbye Harrison and DJ Yo Huckleberry, as well as Mr.Dancefighter, who was a clutch friend and took about 471 pictures for me. A sampling:

And the second week of unemployment was spent recovering from all of that. And packing all my most important possessions (clothes, jewels, boots, and bags- duh) into two suitcases. And saying farewell/see you soons/see you laters/see you probably nevers to a lot of people.

But you know, people move every day. They make bigger moves than this, and they move farther and with less encouragement pushing and pulling them than I have, so there's no need for melodrama. This is just another day, except now, I'm just kickin it' in a bigger city.

With seriously huge cockroaches.

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