Thursday, December 30, 2010


Being a psychotically dedicated maker of lists, the end of the year always gets me all excited: there are superlative lists EVERYWHERE. Typically, they pop up on news sites and my Facebook sidebar and I can't help it... I always click on them. How can you avoid these tempting morsels of distilled and perfectly categorized information?

Top 10 Things Kim Kardashian Tweeted about While On An Airplane!
Top 25 Pictures Published in the New York Times That Involve Snow!
Top 15 Quotes from this season of The Jersey Shore!

The men's lifestyle website for which I currently work has ludicrous Top 10 lists all year long ("Top 10 Reasons Men Love Top 10 Lists" was, honest to God, a headline this year).

But, since high school, my most favorite list every year is put out by a guy I've been friends with since 1st grade.
I can't remember if I've posted it in years past, and am frankly too lazy to double-check, but this list is intense, informative, and incredible.
He alone - without help and without the backing of a bigger blog or music site- takes the time, and more importantly has the passion, to craft an annual


It's a pretty amazing feat and he does it EVERY. YEAR. I generally haven't heard of 85% of the music on the list, and it isn't because he tries to be obscure or obstinately hip - he just listens to SO MUCH MUSIC, and always has. World music, underground hip hop, mainstream radio pop, folk, fusion, classical, instrumental, and any and all combination of them make it on his list.
You can find it here, at
His past years' lists are there, too.

Happy reading, listening, and discovering!

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  1. I just noticed this post, a month late. You're too kind. Thank you.