Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stand up for real jokes

Note to self, and all other secretly aspiring stand-up comics in hiding

I went to a comedy show Saturday night.  Turns out, cliches aren't funny, so when doing a stand-up routine, feel free to never again speak, or speak of, the following:

1. "Justin Bieber" is not, in itself, a punchline.  Same goes for "Sarah Palin." Try harder.

2.  "THE SUBWAY" and stories thereof cannot sustain an entire stand-up routine, as true as all your numerous observations and frustrations may be.

3.  We get it - Ed Hardy shirts are awful, and so are the people who wear them. ...Good one.

4.  Old women: not funny when you're vulgar.  It just makes everyone want to cry in discomfort, which isn't why must of us go to comedy clubs.

5.  Jews are typically bad at sports, gay men like interior decorating, women's breasts sag as they age -  Let's evolve our self-deprecatory material, people.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Reminder to GO + DO

Gingerlocks sent me this little tidbit yesterday, which her boss had sent out to the office: 
Having a few blogs, a seldom-used Twitter, and a well-worn Facebook account, and now working in the online media industry... I have to admit I'm part of the problem.  (A real and true problem, by the way, in my opinion).  The first, more obvious part of the problem is that being a creative often doesn't pay very well, and there is money in advertising - not a lot for creatives, I understand, but, still more than other options (just ask the dudes who paint on cardboard in the subway stations).
  Then, part of what's going on is that this digital age allows us to express so easily and quickly without benefiting from Thee Process, or truly putting a lot of thought into what it is we're expressing. In fact, I'm doing it right now - I'm at work, in between emails - so while Banksy has a point, there is true art being created and I like that we can all share it. 
The solution to this perceived problem, I would think, is that access to all of this shared/reblogged/reposted information would inspire further creativity. 

Some things that got me fired up this week to go do me:

There is a ground floor space on the corner of 47th and Lexington, near my office, with windows for walls that often acts as a sort of pop-up gallery space.  None of the art installations have really caught my eye the past few months, so I was surprised to walk by one morning this week and see it transformed into a sort of modern lounge all focused around one central piece: a ping pong table.

Then last night, I walked by on my way to the gym and people were playing ping pong on the table, with provided paddles and balls.  Because of the glass structure of the space, it essentially framed the action inside as an active art installation.  Such a cool thing to witness on my daily commute!
(After I wrote all that I Googled around for the name and address of the space - turns out, yep, that's exactly what it is: The LAB Gallery for installation and performance art).

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Download the full The Weeknd mixtape here.

Download the full Frank Ocean mixtape here.

Best song to listen to at work on repeat... not that I do that, or anything.

And of course, this vid (not for the squeamish) for which about a thousand of its 5 mil + views I am fairly certain I am responsible:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Same silly stuff here, just needed some cosmetic surgery to keep up with my own aging process.

While the reasons that I started this process (almost three years ago!) might no longer be a factor, there's all kinds of new reasons to continue to see where it goes.

Plus, as a good reminder tonight that while we can all adapt and evolve into better people in different places... it took me all of six months in the busiest metropolis in the country to run into someone from my high school at the gym.

The world is small - I don't know why I keep expecting to live in a bigger, limitless one. And while our pasts don't determine our futures, they certainly have a part in defining who we are... so instead of running from them all the time, I think it's okay to acknowledge that they're there and let them kick it.