Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Letter of Note

I love handwritten letters.  This is no secret, it is not unique, it is not surprising.
What is surprising is that pretty much everyone loves handwritten letters, but so few people actually write them anymore.

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 was to "Send one letter a month." 

I am not sure how that ended up shaking out, but, a few weeks ago a mailed out a bunch at once, so maybe the averages are on my side.  
Regardless, I love writing them, I love to get them, and they are such an easy way to reflect, to thank, to make a day better.

One of my favorite websites is dedicated to this craft- Letters of Note. They are producing a book that I have pre-ordered and am anxiously awaiting.
In the meantime, I will continue to write my own, and read old ones like this, that I absolutely treasure. 
It's a card from my great-grandfather, written to a 2 year old me.  

November 16, 1988
Dear Jessica,
Thank you very much for sending me a birthday card last week when I had my eighty-ninth birthday.  And will you thank daddy and mommy for the card they also sent me.

The picture on this card is of a buffalo.  There were several millions of these great animals all over the country a hundred and fifty years ago.  But as people settled on the land where the buffalo roamed they got rid of the big beasts.  The result was that the buffalo were almost all destroyed.  Then people said, "We must save the buffalo from extinction."  Extinction means that there wouldn't be any at all.  So the few hundred that remained were proctected. They have grown in number and now there are a few thousand.  Some day you may see one.
The next time I see you I would like to hug you.