Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Ads: Why I'm #notbuyingit

I made a huge personal choice last July and decided after a lifetime love affair with meat that it was time for me to try to commit to a vegetarian diet.  That deserves its own explanation, but, succinctly, it was largely inspired by the book Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I came to a conclusion through his research that -given the current state of industrial farming and the way consumers have been hogtied by Big Farm(a) with no transparency or honesty into the fuel we are feeding our bodies- the only way I feel I can express my frustration and disapproval is to not give them my money.  I have not bought meat, poultry, or fish in seven months.  

During this time, I have seen an evolution and a dynamism in my opinions on meat.  My reasons for not eating it now are augmented by no longer having a craving or a taste for it.  I am lighter, and thinner, and overall healthier, and am proud of the deliberate nature with which I approach my meals.  But at the heart of it, my protest is one of economics:
I don't want to share my hard-earned money with companies that don't respect me as a consumer.

Which is why this Sunday during the Super Bowl, under missile attack from highly trained commercials, I will be actively participating in the #NotBuyingIt movement on Twitter, and if you're a woman, or care about women, encourage you to do the same!

Completely unrelated to meat consumption, but 100% about being a responsible and thoughtful consumer, the #NotBuyingIt hashtag on Twitter is a way to call out sexism in the media.

"We're empowering people to use their consumer power to fight misrepresentation of gender in the media during the most watched television event of the year..This is not only an opportunity to challenge advertisers and brands to do better, but an opportunity to educate the masses on gender media literacy and why it matters."

85% of consumer purchases are in the hands of women... but 91% of females don't feel like advertisers understand them.  What is going on, here?

Caveats:  I work in digital media sales. I love football.  I love Super Bowl commercials.  I would not identify myself as a Feminist.

But where we spend our money says a lot.  So, I am going to try to choose to spend mine with brands and companies that view me as a valuable source of their income, and not a dumb, pink, sexual commodity.
Join up on Twitter if you're #notbuyingit either!